適用範圍 適用於人員通過頻繁的場所。
門 體 表面為防火板,內部採用高密度,防潮的實木芯材,門體厚度20mm。多種花紋和顏色可供選擇和訂制。門體底部可根據需要裝有不銹鋼腳踢板。
可 視 窗 符合安全標準的壓克力板。可視窗視窗形狀和尺寸可訂制。
鉸 鏈 高拋光SUS304不銹鋼冷板。
Applicable scope applies to personnel frequently through sites.
Door body surface for fireproofing boards, internal use of high density, moisture-resistant solid wood core material, door thickness 20mm. A variety of patterns and colors to choose from and customize. Bottom of the door can be equipped with stainless steel kick plate as required.
Windows acrylic sheet that meets safety standards. Window shapes and sizes can be customized.
Hinges highly polished SUS304 cold rolled stainless steel sheet.