適用範圍 適用於人員及中型物流車輛和叉車的通過。
門 體 表面採用3.0mm厚的ABS板,表面有多種顏色可供選擇,具有良好的耐衝擊性門體採用高性能的保溫材料,門體厚度40mm。
可 視 窗 雙層可視窗,採用符合安全標準的壓克力板。視窗形狀和尺寸可訂制。
防 撞 板 底部安裝聚乙烯材料的的防撞板。
Applicable scope applicable to personnel, middle logistics vehicles and forklifts through.
Door body the surface uses the 3.0mm ABS sheet, which have a wide variety of colors to choose, and with good impact resistance, high quality insulating material inside, the thickness of the door 40mm.
Windows double Windows, acrylic plate meets safety standards. Window shapes and sizes can be customized.
Bumper polyethylene material that is installed at the bottom of the door.