適用範圍 適用於人員及中型物流車輛的通過。
門 體 表面採用鋁合金材料,鋁合金表面經過陽極氧化,門體厚度20mm。
可 視 窗 可視窗尺寸360mm寬×425mm高×5mm厚。視窗形狀和尺寸可訂制。
鉸 鏈 高拋光SUS304不銹鋼冷板。
Applicable scope applicable to personnel and medium logistics vehicles through.
Door body surface made of aluminum alloy materials, superficial after Anodic oxidation of aluminum alloy, 20mm door thickness.
Bumper 5mm thickness of acrylic sheet that meets safety standards, size :W360mm x H425mm. Window shapes and sizes can be customized.
Hinges highly polished SUS304 cold rolled stainless steel sheet.